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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” - Seneca the Younger

"So be ready when someone types in your product into the world wide web and when someone notices that you have been getting extra business just tell them that you got lucky." - Get an Internet Presence today!

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Get a plain english understanding in what is involved in optimizing your web site for the search engines. Then learn what our SEO services can do for you!

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You can purchase the SEO reports you need and follow our guidelines to optimize your web site for the search engines. Armed with a keyword research report and a little SEO training you can find yourself ranking well!

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Outsource to us so you can expand your services by offering your customers search engine optimization. Click our SEO services to read how we can help you increase your business.

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New Meta Tag for Googlebot
August 3rd, 2007
"This new meta tag is something to think about. It would be a good idea to use if you are advertising a sale that you don’t want in the search results after the sale ends."

Yahoo just added search suggest
"It works like this: When you do a search on Yahoo!, you'll automatically be given suggestions based on what you have typed - as you're typing.

So, not only does this limit the number of words you need to type into a query, it may also present similar queries to shorten your searching time and get to what you're looking for quicker."

Listen to Michael Rock's interview with John St. Augustine.
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SEO in a nutshell

Research Current Web Site

  • Find out your current web ranking.
  • Find out the number of links pointing to your site.
  • Examine the links pointing to your site.
  • Look for intentional/unintentional black hat techniques.
  • Examine the structure and navigation of your site.
  • Examine the web site traffic you are currently getting.
  • Examine visitors length of stay at your web site.
  • Examine your conversion rates of your goals.

Keyword Research

Keyword research needs to be done to get a list of keywords that are searched for often, relevant to your site, and are low in competition. This is done by using the following methods . . .

  • Gathering information on relevant terms with you
  • Researching search engine suggestions
  • Put together list of keyword modifiers
  • Using two paid online keyword research subscriptions
  • Only keeping the keywords that did well in both subscriptions
  • Running the keywords through two of our software packages
  • Only keeping the keywords that did well in both packages
  • Running left over keywords through our formula for scoring

Scoring of keyword phrases are put into our formula using determining factors such as . . .

  • # of times found in Titles
  • # of times found in URL's
  • # of times found in Links
  • # of times found in Body Text
  • Predicted daily searches
  • # of competitor sites using keyword

Analyze Current Web Site Linking

A thorough analysis will be done on your web site determining how many links are pointing to your site, where those links are coming from, how valuable those links are, how they are linking to you, and if the links are self-multiplying.

  • How many links are pointing to you?
    • How many are in Google
    • How many are in Yahoo
    • How many are in MSN
    • Compare number to competition's number of links
  • Where are the links coming from?
    • Get list of web sites that link to your site currently
    • Get list of web sites that link to your competitor's for review
  • How valuable are those links?
    • What PR ranking do they come from
    • Are they of related content
    • Is it from an authority site (Ex. .edu and .gov)
    • What is the popularity of the site linking to you
  • How are they linking to you?
    • What anchor text is used to link to your site
    • Are they nested with several hundred other links
  • Are they self-multiplying links?
    • Do they increase or do they just sit on a reciprocal web site and/or directory

Analyze Competition

To get ahead in the rankings and increase exposure you should examine the competition that you have. How do they achieve their ranking? How do they achieve their high number of web site visitors? This can be done by examining the following of competitor's web sites.

  • Their current rankings and what search terms they rank for.
  • Web Site structure and navigability
    • Use of flash, DHTML, javascript
    • Navigation structure
    • CSS based or not
    • Page Load Speed
    • Etc.
  • Who links to them
    • Directories
    • Search Engines
    • Social Bookmarks
    • Authoritive Sites
    • Etc.
  • How do they link to them
    • Image or text
    • Link anchor text analysis
    • Proximity, prominence, and density of links

Link Building

A link building campaign will be started that will concentrate on generating one way links to your web site that multiply on their own. Reciprocal partners will also be considered if they are valuable enough. This is a brief list of SOME of the things that will be done to achieve this.

  • Directory Submissions
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Creating one-way links
  • Reciprocal linking campaign started with authoritive sites only
  • Article Posting
  • Forum Signatures
  • Press Releases
  • Linkable content
  • Viral content that people will want to link to
    • News
    • Weather
    • RSS Feeds
    • Etc.

Create Web Site

The web site will be created for both the visitor and search engines in mind by using the following guidelines:

  • Fast Web Page Load Speed
  • Easy Navigation
  • Attractive Design
  • Search Engine Friendly Navigation for spidering
  • Easy to Understand
  • Easy to Download Materials
  • Content enhanced for the search engines
  • Content entices visitors to follow through to meet your goals
  • Limited use of DHTML, javascript, Flash, Frames, and other factors that limit the search engines.
  • Proper use of source code tags to meet guidelines and not risk being penalized or banned.
  • Proper meta tag usage
  • Submit Google sitemap for examination

Set up Web Statistics

After your web site is created and set up we can monitor your web site visitor traffic closely to help determine ways to improve your web site by . . .

  • Creating a Google Analytic Account or
  • Using a Web Analytics Software
  • Reporting and Analyzing the results
  • Watching your rankings
  • Watching your links
  • Seeing what pages are popular
  • Finding out where your visitors are coming from
  • See if they return to your web site or if they just visit it once
  • Set up goals and monitor the results
  • What your visitors use to view your web site
  • What country are they from (Make site bilingual?)
  • Tweaking campaign as deemed necessary

Monitor and Upkeep

After examining the statistics of your web site and its visitors' behavior we know how to tweak your web site for better performance by applying such changes as . . .

  • Fixing potential navigation problems
  • Fixing or deleting unpopular pages
  • Enhancing areas of the web site that are popular
  • Learning what your visitors want and giving it to them
  • Examining the rankings and researching if necessary
  • Examining the linking and improving in needed areas
  • Providing better access to your niche visitors
  • Monitoring site uptime and comparing it to other web sites
  • Seeing how your visitors access your web site and adjust accordingly
    • Connection Speed
    • Browsers Used
    • Screen Resolution
    • Etc.

"We want to help you improve your site's web ranking."

Consultants at our company put their heads together to offer you the advice you need to do just that.

We have known from clients what it was like to have a web site that could not be found in the search engines. It's frustrating not being able to be found online. Not knowing which web ranking consultants to trust makes it harder. Some people turned to PPC (pay per click) campaigns not really knowing what they were doing and ended up spending a small fortune on an ongoing basis while getting little in return.

You deserve better than that! And we at Web Ranking Consultants will show you how! And if you have any trouble with part of the process or prefer to have us do it for you we would be glad to help you!

Email search engine optimization specialist Michael Rock at for a free mini SEO evaluation of your web site! Be sure to include your web site address.

How will search engine optimization benefit me?

"In a recent survey 85% of web surfers use search engines to learn more about a product or service before buying. Attracting more people to your web site will attract more sales."

How will a search engine optimized web site make me money?

"Most of the web surfers do not go beyond the first or second page when doing research on products or services. If they find your web site on the first or second page your chances of making a sale will increase dramatically."
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