Brand New SEO Project – Choosing a New Domain Name

If you want to start a brand new project and want to get a little head start in the game then I would advise looking for just deleted domain names that already have a pretty decent DA (domain authority) or PA (page authority) with backlinks (websites linking to the deleted domain) already in place. One […]

New Domain Authority Coming from Moz

Guide to Domain Authority 2.0 Transcription: Domain Authority is changing. Here’s what you need to know. What is Domain Authority? Domain Authority (DA) predicts the ranking ability of a website. Higher DA scores indicate a higher chance of ranking in search engine results. Domain Authority scores are based on factors from a domain’s inbound links […]

Keyword Research Reports: How much are they worth?

Of course, I already did keyword research on ‘keyword research reports’ out there but all that tells me is that there is an interest out there of people looking to buy specific keyword research reports. But, how much do people think it’s worth? How much are people willing to pay? I’ve done a little test […]