Link BuildingLink building to your website helps improve your rankings, drive traffic to your website, and help generate sales.


If a website recommends (links to) your website and that website has a higher domain authority (DA) and/or page authority (PA) than your website then it helps make your website more important in the search engines eyes. However, if you have a lot of low-quality websites linking to yours it can actually hurt the ranking of your website. Do you know who links to your website? Are they high or low quality? Did you hire a questionable service that guarantees hundreds of links to your website? If you did chances are they are all low-quality sites or belong to the same c-block that can actually hurt you. We can find out for you, just contact us and we will find out who and what quality links link to your website.

Do you have an eCommerce website? You could have your products listed on comparison shopping websites like PriceGrabber and more. Not only do they provide links to your website but you can sell your products with them as well. Are the links pointing to your website ‘follow’ or ‘no-follow’? What is the difference? ‘Follow’ gives you ‘link juice’ to help you rank in the search engines. ‘No-Follow’ does not pass ‘link juice’ to help you rank in the search engines but are still valuable for sending traffic to your website.

Do you have the expertise to share with the world? Post them on social media sites, forums, chat rooms, write articles, and post on question and answer websites. These all build links to your website and can help drive traffic and/or help you in your rankings.

Is there an online tool you can share that no other website has? This would be a great idea to have. Once people find out that you have an important tool that no one else has the word will spread and people will start linking to you sharing this tool. An example of this is an MTG Land Calculator for playing Magic the Gathering.

Can you help people with your field of expertise? Blog about it on your website, then submit your blog to online directories! If pe0ple find it ‘worthy’ they will share your content. Warning: do not write an article then copy and paste that all over the internet. In the past, this used to work but it does not anymore.

Which type of link building would work best for you? Which type of link building works best with your competition? We can find out for you. Just contact us to learn more.