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Search Engine Placement

for Web Designers

Outsourcing SEO Work for Better Search Engine Placement

If you are a web designer I'm sure that you've had your customers ask about search engine optimization. Now is your chance to earn extra income on the side! By outsourcing search engine optimization work to us you can now offer extra services to your customers.

Offer Search Engine Friendly Design

By consulting with us on how to develop search engine friendly web sites you can now offer your customers the same as part of your services. A customer will be more likely to pick you if you tell them that your web design work is certified as search engine friendly that can bring better search engine placement with these points:

  • Web site navigation that is crawlable by the search engines instead of using javascript or other methods that the search engines cannot see.
  • Cleaner code to increase the ratio between valuable content and source code.
  • CSS design that offers custom placement of where you want your content to be read by the search engines.
  • Google sitemap submition. Explain to your customers that you will submit a Google sitemap so that you can spot any potential errors and problems of the crawlability of their web site.

Keyword Research Reports

If a customer of yours is curious about how well a certain keyword phrase will rank or would like to know which keywords to use so they can rank well you can sell them a custom report that you bought from us! Our reports show which keyword phrases get searched for the most, which ones to ignore, and which ones that are too highly competitive to use.

Competition Analysis

If your customer is curious about how stiff his competition is or what he needs to do to beat his competition you can sell him a competition analysis report from us. This report will show just how their keyword phrase is used in their web site, how many backlinks point to their site, where the links came from, and an explanation on what your customer would need to do to beat their competition!

Linking Campaign

You can offer your customers link building campaigns for a monthly residual income. We will do the work for you and you just charge your customers for the service. Progress reports will be offered showing how many links were added, where they came from, and what text was used in linking to them. In addition they can also get a linking report on their competition to find out who their linking sources are, how many links they have pointing to their site, and what text was used in the link so that your customers can do one better than them.

If you would like to have a profitable win-win partnership with us contact Web Ranking Consultants for more information.

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