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How to Rank High in Google

Google is the hardest search engine to rank high in for two main reasons. One is because they change their algorithm so often. So often in fact that the SEO chat rooms are in an uproar against Google, despite them being the number one search engine used for so long.

With the algorithm changing so much its hard to keep up and change your web site every time an algorithm changes. The second reason that makes it hard to reach high rankings is that unlike other search engines Google puts a lot of value on quality inbound links. (Remember they have to be quality) Since developing a linking strategy is harder and more time consuming than changing the web site it makes it harder to reach the top. For tips on how to do this see the article How and Why to Build a Linking Strategy.

Google also uses a PR ranking to rate the importance of a site, so if you want a valuable link pointing to your site the higher the PR the better. You can read more about Google PR by reading The Google Pagerank Algorithm and How It Works and Google's PageRank explained. They are very helpful articles to read. Below are updates on the news of Google that I receive on a regularly basis.

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