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SEO Keyword Research Reports

Click here to see an example of our Keyword Research Report.

Provide us a list of ten relevant search terms and we will research the search terms for popularity and competition use. You will be given a list of over 100 search terms to pick from!

Email your name and your keyword phrase theme to when purchasing this report.

These keywords are chosen by. . .

  • They are searched for the most times in a 24 hour time period
  • The competition is relatively low to optimize your web site for because. . .
  • The number of backlinks to competing web sites
  • The number of times the keyword is found in url addresses
  • The number of times the keyword is found in the <title> tag
  • The number of times the keyword is found in anchor text
  • The number of times the keyword is found in the <body> text
  • The number of web sites out there optimizing for these keywords
  • These keywords are selected from comparing the results from. . .
  • Four Search Engine Databases
  • Two Online Keyword Tool Subscriptions
  • One Keyword Research Tool Software

It is important to compare the results from all of these sources because the keyword may rank well in one area, but not the other. It is usually in the best interest to select a keyword that has favorable results in all the resources so you can cover all of the bases and make the research as accurate as possible.

We start out with a keyword phrase theme then compile a keyword list by using these resources:

  • Thesaurus - To obtain related keywords that are still widely used, but not by the competition
  • Search Engine Database - Get a related keyword list from the search engine's database of what else they search for in addition to 'copywriting'
  • Keyword Software - We run an analysis thru our software for another list of keyword terms
  • Paid Subscriptions - More keywords are generated by using two online paid keyword subscription tools.

After this we end up with a list from 100 to 500 keyword phrases.

Out of the 100 to 500 keyword phrases to research we test them all out by these categories:

  • Search engine researched in
  • Ratio of keyword to search engine database
  • Value of keyword
  • Number of queries made in database
  • Estimated number of times it is searched for within 24 hours
  • Number of competing web pages using this keyword
  • Number of times keyword is used in the <title> tag
  • Number of times keyword is used in web site url
  • Number of times keyword is used as anchor text
  • Number of times keyword is used in <body> text
  • And our score combining all of this data to bring you the true value of the keyword phrase.

After getting this data we throw out the bad ones and keep the ones that are easy to optimize for and searched for frequently.

A competition analysis is done on the keywords by using these details:

  • Number of times searched for per day
  • Our ranking score once again
  • Number of pages indexed with the keyword
  • Number of times keyword is in <title> tag. (Note: this result is using the intitle: operator instead of the more accurate allintitle: operator above.)
  • The number of backlinks pointing to competitor found at #1 and #2 in Google using the keyword.
  • The Pay Per Click cost for that particular keyword for the first and second place using Overture.

The bidding for the top positions using Pay Per Click is included with ALL of the search terms (Usually 100 to 500). With this list you know which keyword phrases to bid on because these are the ones that are searched for the most on the internet!

Take a look at an example of keyword research.

To make purchase email me at with the keyword(s) you want researched.

Purchase Price: Dependent upon Keyword Theme (Contact us for a quote)
Email your name and your keyword phrase theme to .

Keyword research is the most important and time consuming aspect of web site optimization.  Anyone's plan can fail if they don't do the right research on keyword analysis.  There are no free keyword researches tools on the internet that can give you the results you need!  The research for keywords requires so much more than what they can offer.  Here are some examples why:

Say you want to optimize a web page of your site for 'web design' you go to all the work to optimize your site and discover that you are having problems reaching #1.  You sprinkled the keywords in the right positions, have a good linking strategy enabled, but still cannot achieve #1.  Why?

Let's take a closer look at the keyword phrase, 'web design'.  Upon one of our reports (the 'research keywords report') we discover that the keyword 'web design' is searched 23,342 times per day!  That sounds great!  But look at the number for competition, it says 92,500,000 people are using the word 'web design' to optimize their site.  That's a lot of competition!  With these two numbers entered into a formula we come up with a KEI (keyword effectiveness index) rating of 5.890.  The higher the KEI rating the easier it is to obtain the #1 position.

So we start to follow the advice in the search engine optimization article on how to achieve a number one ranking.  And we take the advice of what other users type in that is related to web design by going to certain web pages.  We find more keywords to test out and see how they match up.  We keep entering the information into the computer and formulas until we have a list of over 100 of the most widely used search terms for web design.  Now we study them.  All of them.  Here are some conditions to look at to determine if we keep a keyword phrase on the list or cross it off. Below is an example of one keyword analysis.

Note: One keyword analysis should not be used alone to get the results of keyword research. They need to be compared to others. This is one of four that we use shown below:

Keyword Research Report

"Remember, not to make your judgment from just one source!"

Keyword:  web design
Daily world searches:  Very High!
Competition:  Very High!
KEI:  Very Low!
Summary:  This keyword is to competitive to be of any use to us.

Keyword: webdesign
Daily world searches:  Very High!
Competition:  High!
KEI:  Better, but not good
Summary:  This keyword is still very competitive, and the KEI rating of it still does not justify trying for.

Keyword:  oklahoma web design
Daily world searches:  High!
Competition:  medium
KEI:  High!
Summary:  This keyword is worth going after if you are interested in people only from Oklahoma.  The KEI rating outweighs the competition number.

So as you can see these are the factors to consider for picking the right keywords.  I narrow the list down to the top ten and run more reports on them until I have over 100 keywords to analyze.  Also I use two other keyword generators besides the one on the left to compile more lists for comparison.

Another place I used to research keywords was from the 'secret' pages of search engines that show the results of what other users typed in that is related to the search term 'web design'.  This information can be found at this search engine optimization article.

Eventually I came across a keyword that was searched 1,487 times a day that has the same meaning as web design that was only used 3,850 times from competitors.  I planned my web page for that particular keyword using the web site search engine optimization advice report and in about 4 weeks I reached #1 in MSN. And in about 4 months I reached #1 in Google.

It only took 4 weeks because my web site has already been on the web for awhile and gets indexed fairly quickly.  It normally takes 6-8 months for a brand new web site to get indexed.  Although I'm creating a brand new site that got indexed in just a week by Yahoo.  Remember that your site will get indexed faster if the search engine spider finds a link pointing to your site instead of having to rely on finding your site on its own.  Remember that you have a better chance of ranking higher in Google if you let Google find you first instead of submitting your web site to Google first.

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