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Search Engine Optimization Reports

SEO Linking Reports

"Our linking reports will show you how many links point to your site, from which web site, which search engine, what way it was linked to you. In addition we can give you the same analysis on your competitors for comparison."

"A link building strategy is important in search engine rankings, especially Google. MSN and Yahoo will follow suit in the near future. Our link building strategy will include incoming links, outgoing links (Yes, they can be of value too.), anchor text links, global links, and more."

"We will utilize building your links by use of forums, directories, articles, press releases, etc. WE WILL NOT USE LINK FARMS or other deceptive means!"

SEO Ranking Reports

"You can find out how you rank for free online, but we can find out exactly how you rank, with what search term, in which search engine, which page it points to, and give you the same details on how your competitors rank! Examining your ranking report is important for better search engine ranks."

SEO Keyword Research Reports

"What good is it to rank high for a keyword phrase if nobody searches for it? And what good does it do to try and rank for a keyword phrase that over 2 million people are already trying for! We can do this process properly for you."

"You will receive anywhere from 100 to 500 keyword phrases you can use for your web site all sorted by importance and ease of getting to the top of the search engines. We will give you our top recommendations to use for your site. After consulting with you on what keywords to use, we will integrate them into your web site."

SEO Consultation Report on your Website

"We can go over your web site and give you our expert opinion on what you have to do to achieve better search engine ranks! Whether it be strengthening your linking strategy, placement of keywords, spotting search engine spam, or any number of other things we can give you a detailed report on what just has to be done!"

"Your web site will receive a thorough analysis for search engine optimization by considering such things as web site structure, linking, errors, rankings, keyword modifiers, spamming, etc."

"After a thorough examination of your web site we will give you our recommendation on what to do to make your web site the best it can be!"

'Analyze Competition' Reports

"Upon examining your competition we can find out their weaknesses and make them your strengths. Also another good issue of examining your competition is that it gives us a better idea on how the search engine ranks web sites. The details on what areas are important that are found in all or most of the top sites are the details that the search engines deem as valuable."

"If your competitor's have a low number of incoming links (Called Backlinks) pointing to their sites then we know that increasing yours can help rank better than your competitors."

'Analyze your Visitors' Reports

"Monitor your web traffic to determine which pages are popular and which pages need work done. By looking at your statistics we can work out the kinks of your web site and discover areas that could develop into a gold mine! For example, you may discover a great interest in part of your web site that you could embellish upon."

"You can monitor your web site traffic and let you know what your web site visitors do when they visit your web site. That way we can tell you how to tweak your web site month by month to get better results!"

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