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SEO Consultation Advice

SEO Consultation Advice

Search Engine Optimization Work

SEO Consultation Advice

For a more detailed SEO consultation you can email us at and we will give you a written evaluation on what you need to do with your site to get the results you want! With this evaluation we will give you specific, easy to understand directions on what you need to do to your web site to help better market it.

We will let you know if you have to do any of the following things to help you rank better and give you SEO consultation on how to make the changes.

  • Web site structuring to enable better search engine spider crawlability
  • Increase and/or enhance the number of links to your web site
  • How to optimize your web site code for maximum performance
  • Show you what errors need to be fixed on your web site
  • Tell you how to clean up search engine spam you may have on your web site

The seo consultation advice will include:

  • Navigational structure to improve search engine crawlability
  • Web Site structure to improve search engine visibility
  • Linking analysis of your web site
  • List of errors and warnings
  • List of search engine spam, if any
  • Google PR Ranking
  • Yahoo PR Ranking
  • Domain information if available
  1. Navigational Structure
    1. Presence of JavaScript or DHTML menu
    2. Presence of text link menu
    3. Presence of sitemap
    4. Frames
    5. Determination of page depth level
  2. Web Site Structure
    1. Content changes that needs to be done
      1. For example a recommendation could be changing your 'click here' links to your keyword phrase. The use of your keyword used as an anchor text could help your ranking significantly.
      2. Whether to remove an overabundance of keywords or add new ones.
      3. How to apply your keyword in which tags.
    2. Site design
      1. Frames vs. Layers (div tags)
      2. CSS recommendations
      3. Navigation recommendations
      4. Robot.txt file
      5. Page loading speed
      6. Copywriting content
      7. Proper use of html tags
    3. Site details
      1. HTML size
      2. When site was last modified
      3. Use of scripts on page
      4. Keyword frequency, prominence, and weight in different tags
      5. Header tags
      6. Proper use of alt tags
      7. META tag examinations
        1. Definition (Still important in some areas)
        2. Keywords (Unimportant, unless used as spam)
        3. Refresh and Redirects
        4. META robots
  3. Linking Analysis
    1. Examination of links currently on your site
      1. Incoming
      2. Outgoing
      3. Internal
      4. Anchor text links
    2. Build up of links pointing to your web site
      1. We will email you a list of niche directories that contain the PR ranking, amount of traffic to those directories, cost, and our recommendation on which directories to submit to.
      2. Also, we will send you a short report on how to build links to your site in other ways.
      3. An Excel worksheet will be provided to help you keep track of what directories you submitted to, how much it cost (if not free), and when it was done.
  4. List of Errors and Warnings
    1. HTTP header errors and warnings
    2. HTML validation error and warning
    3. CSS validation errors and warnings
  5. List of Search Engine Spam
    1. Same color text as background?
    2. Tiny text?
    3. Immediate keyword repeats?
    4. Hidden text?
    5. Stuffing of keywords?
    6. Gateway pages?
    7. Part of linking farms?
    8. Meta redirects proper?
    9. and much more . . .
  6. Google PR Ranking
  7. Yahoo PR Ranking
  8. Domain Information

To get your custom estimate contact us at with your web site details.

Or if you want, we can do the work for you . . .

Search Engine Optimization Work

If you want we can do the work for you! We will do the research on your keywords, research on your competitors, build up your linking strategy, and tweak your web site for optimal results. We will work closely with you so that we can mutually discuss the changes that should be done with your web site and upon your approval make those changes.

It is very important to notify you that we use 'White Hat SEO Techniques'. This means that we don't try to cheat the search engines with tricks that will hurt you in the long run.

To get a custom estimate on how much this would cost contact us at .


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