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Search Engine Optimizing Your Web Site

Web Site Enhancement

After the proper keyword research and competition analysis we develop the proper structure of the web site by optimizing the source code, developing internal linking, proper placement of keyword, ease of user and search engine navigability, developing a sitemap, and applying SEO copywriting.

Optimizing Your Source Code

Your source code is optimized by creating cleaner and easier to read code for navigability, proper use of html tags in the right places, optimizing your meta tags, and proper use of the header tags. We optimize your source code properly so that there is absolutely NO chance of setting off any spam detection. Your website is very important to us so we only apply 'white hat' seo techniques to YOUR website.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is almost as important as inbound links. By structuring your internal links properly it can help increase your search engine ranks. By using (not misusing) the keyword phrases in your anchor text, how they link between pages, and what location they link between pages are all important factors in this area.

Keyword Placement

The proper placement of your keyword phrases are done by using such factors as density, proximity, and prominence. Also we place the keywords within the best html tags that are the most beneficial to your ranking such as hyperlinked text and header tags.

Proper Navigation

Proper navigation is achieved so that the search engine spiders can search your website while also providing easy navigability for your website visitors. Many web sites have dynamic or javascript navigation menus that cause the search engines to only be able to index the home page and not get any farther. Your current navigation system can be optimized for the best performance or we can create a new one for you.

Google Sitemap

Your site will have a custom made .xml sitemap file created for submition to Google. The sitemap will help Google index and keep track of the pages of your website. With the use of the sitemap we can check for possible errors that were found when spidering your site, determine when Google visited your website last, and get Google's analysis of your robots.txt file.

SEO Copywriting

A professional copywriter will develop copy content for your web site to help enhance visitor participation as well as help you out with rankings in the search engine. With the proper copy that flows nice with the keywords it can be pleasing both to your visitor and the search engines.

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