Network Solutions is using Dirty Business Tactics!

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Wednesday 13 February 2008 4:00 pm

I may get in trouble with this one, but this business tactic that Network Solutions use is what my dad would call ‘dirty pool’. Dirty pool is the tactic of scratching the cue ball on purpose to force the other playing to play from the ‘kitchen’ on the pool table.

Here is an excerpt from SitePoint newsletter that I receive. . .

When you run a search on a domain name to see if it’s registered, be prepared to buy it on the spot if it’s available.

You see, if you check a domain’s availability with Network Solutions, the registrar will put it on “reserve” (which effectively means that it registers the domain).

Then, the only place you can register the domain name is with Network Solutions — at its chosen price.

Network Solutions still charge an enormous price of $35 per year for a domain name that you can get for $8.95 many other places and to think that if you perform a search through Nutwork Solutions (misspelling intentional) you are forced to buy it from them makes me sick to my stomach! I still consider this to be a dirty practice!

Google product listed as product requirement in Quickbooks

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Tuesday 12 February 2008 3:58 pm

I was surprised to come across this when exploring Quickbooks options . . .

Disk Space Requirements for Additional Software

* 50MB for Microsoft .NET 2.0 Runtime, provided on the QuickBooks CD
* Google Desktop Search (in-product search) space requirements are determined by the size of the company file and the nature of usage. It is not unusual for indices to be as large as 1GB

To me it says a lot to have a major software developer to have Google Desktop Search as a requirement. It kind of makes you think doesn’t it?

Yahoo rejects MSN offer of Buyout

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Sunday 10 February 2008 3:57 pm

It looks like that Yahoo did not accept the $44.6 Billion from Microsoft offer to buy there company. This development will be interesting for stock holders in MSN, Yahoo, and Google. Stockholders are trying to guess what is going to happen and decide whether or not to buy or sell stock in these major corporations.

To read more about this development please go to Yahoo! News.

MSN making an offer to buy Yahoo!

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Friday 1 February 2008 3:55 pm

Microsoft is offering 44.6 Billion dollars to buy the Yahoo! company.

. . . In a statement Friday, Yahoo said it will “carefully and promptly” study Microsoft’s bid . . .

If this happen MSN will definitely have a bigger share of the search market against Google. You can read more about this announcement here.