What type of web visitors do you have?

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Wednesday 23 December 2009 5:44 pm

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When designing a new site I have to take into consideration what type of people would be visiting the site. Also, what type of browsers would they be using? This is important from an SEO standpoint as well for the conversion rate and how the web site appears to the customer marketing wise. According to Fogg, B.J., Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility in November of 2003 75% of web users admit making judgments about the credibility of an organization based on the design of its web site. Are your users tech savvy and using Firefox or are they of an older generation using an outdated Internet Explorer?

When trying to get an average of browsers used for specific genres I had a tough time finding it on the internet so I complied some data on my own for 2008 and next month I will bring you the results for 2009. Here is the information below.

Totals of top 3:
Internet Explorer 74.66%
Firefox: 21.83%
Safari: 3.55%

Medical Sites Top 3:
Internet Explorer: 93.63%
Safari: 4.6%
Opera: 1.24%
Internet Explorer 7 was 63.89%
Internet Explorer 6 was 35.54% (maybe in 2009 it will finally die)
Internet Explorer 8 was 0.19%

Commercial-Retail Web Sites Top 3
Internet Explorer: 65.65%
Firefox: 31.61%
Safari: 4.47%
Internet Explorer 7 was 71.67%
Internet Explorer 6 was 20.87%
Internet Explorer 8 was 7.32%

Entertainment-Games Web Sites Top 3
Internet Explorer: 83.16%
Firefox: 13.07%
Safari: 3.14%
Internet Explorer 7 was 50.64%
Internet Explorer 6 was 48.74%
Internet Explorer 5.5 was 0.28% (What people are still using this in 2008???)

Vacation-Lodging Sites Top 3
Internet Explorer: 73.44%
Firefox: 20.15%
Safari: 4.13%
Internet Explorer 7 was 62.71%
Internet Explorer 6 was 36.84%
Internet Explorer 8 was 0.18%

Commercial-Business to Business Web sites Top 3
Internet Explorer: 70.32%
Firefox: 23.4%
Safari: 2.4%
Internet Explorer 7 was 74.5%
Internet Explorer 6 was 25.39%
Internet Explorer 8 was 0.31%