Social Media and the Website Today

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Tuesday 13 March 2012 3:10 pm

On January of 2004 Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook.

In 2010 Facebook became the most visited site on the internet beating Google which was an incredible feat in itself.

As of February 2012 Facebook now has more than 845 million active users.

The internet and social media has become the 21st century collective consciousness (stream in music from ‘Star Trek’ and display the Borg ship). It has vastly become the main source for sharing of information and keeping in touch with friends and family. On the extreme side it is used for protestor movements, people collaborating on issues, and sharing of media that is otherwise censored on TV and Radio that is bribed by big buck corporations that want people to see only what they want them to see. This is a dawning of a new age where nothing is private anymore and with the internet along with social media everything is shared and made known by everyone.

Obama led an aggressive internet/social media campaign that helped him get elected president because his advisers seen the power of the internet and social media and you should too.

But what does this mean for your business and how can you use it to help you?

On the lighter side I will explain some “non-intrusive advertising and marketing” that The Internet Presence, LLC does using social media. As an example I will go over the details of someone who wants to buy a laptop computer.


Let’s say Joe wants to buy a laptop and he sees some cheap ones and some expensive ones. Now Joe wants a reliable laptop that will last a long time and he is unsure on what to do so he does some research online (Display your products and/or services on websites that give reviews.)

So Joe now has a list of laptops along with their rankings of what people think of them along with the pros and cons that people say about them (Contact professional blog writers to write about your product and/or services. Encourage people in forums, chat rooms, and social media to discuss your products and/or services.)

Now this is information that Joe has gotten from the general public and his decision is swayed with the numbers, but he wants to know what his friends have got to say about these laptops as well so he goes online to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. (Start a Facebook Page for your business and interact with your customers. Display testimonials on your website and share them on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Interact with your customers online through these sources and help them find what they need so that they can recommend/like your product/services later.)

Okay, Joe now knows what laptop to buy! He knows what the general masses say, what his friends say, he knows the pros and cons of all of the laptops, etc.

In this day and age with the incredible amount of information available to the shopper, the shopper has become more of an investigator to learn all that they can and with today’s economy the shopper is more careful about their purchases.

Joe jumps online to see who sells the laptop that he wants. He knows that he would like to buy it close buy so that if he ever has a problem with it that he can take it in for repair or warranty easily. (Submit your business and website for localized geographical searches like Google Places, Google Maps, Bing Business Central, and Yahoo Local.)

Now Joe, like any other consumer will visit a website 4 or 5 times before actually making a purchase. That is because he is comparing you to other websites. (List your website on comparative shopping sites like

Does your website have live chat in case the customer has a question? Does your website have a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to help answer some of his questions? Is the contact information readily available on every page of your website so that no matter what page the website visitor is on the contact information is right there in front of him? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself. Does your business even have a website? If not, you could be missing out on a large part of the consumer market!

Now Joe finally makes contact then makes his purchase and is completely satisfied.

The items listed in bold faced above is how we do marketing. Non-Intrusive Marketing. What is the difference between non-intrusive marketing and intrusive/interrupt marketing? Interrupt marketing interrupts you while you are listening to music or watching TV. (This is usually the time people get up to get a snack.) And this type of marketing is only effective with repetitive exposure that drills it into your mind.

Non-Intrusive Marketing is the type of marketing where the buyer (consumer) decides whether to click on an online ad or seek out information by visiting the sites themselves and this is why Non-Intrusive Marketing is a much more effective way of advertising online.


Here is a tip that I learned from marketing books that I have read. When someone is satisfied of your service they will tell ten people, but if someone is unsatisfied with your service they will tell one hundred! How can you find out? How can you turn this around to your benefit? This is how!

Set up a Google alerts with your business name and Google will send you an email every time your business name is mentioned on the internet. Whether it be in a news article, a blog, forum, product review site, etc. (This is how to find out.)

Next, you can follow the link to where your business name is mentioned if it was not favorable and try to make amends by offering a discount, offering a replacement, or solving the problem that he was having. (This is how you turn it around to your benefit and make you look like the hero.)


If you have any more questions for Michael Rock or would like to have him help you with your website he can be reached by phone at 906-399-7328, email: mike AT websthatrock DOT com or by visiting

Submition to Multiple Social Media Sites at Once

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Wednesday 7 March 2012 5:27 pm


I, and many other people, wanted to be able to submit to multiple social media sites at once with one posting so I decided to do some research on the subject.

After scouring the internet for reviews there were a couple of them that kept coming up time after time and I had put together a list of about 20 services. Many of the services did not submit to more than 4 or 5 so they got knocked off the list right away with the exception of Hootsuite which I will explain later.

The list got narrowed down to 4.

This has a kick ass app that allows you to submit to multiple places at once using your iphone! What the video on their website to learn more. The down side is that the app is only available on the iphone and not the droid. Plus there is no online control panel to use. Perhaps if enough people asked for an app for the droid or an online control panel one will be set up in the future.

Now boasted 32+ resources to update and another site said they had over 40 of them. The layout of is REALLY nice with links to signup plus to add the social network to The links to sign up open conveniently in a new window for you. Out of the 32 resources to sign up and connect to I was only able to set up 19 accounts. It seems that their list is a bit outdated. Some of the ones on the list do not exist anymore, a few of them I just could not get to accept and like a fellow user stated on another website review I could not get Facebook Pages to work either. Facebook itself worked fine but not Facebook Pages. Total time to sign up for the 19 accounts and trial and error the other ones took me about 2 1/2 hours.

Now boasted 58 services that you can set up. Unfortunately it seems that you can only import them and not send them out which made this site useless to me. It was only good if you wanted to view all your social media in one place instead of updating them all at once.

This one only supported 8 social networks with one of them being in Japanese and could have been easily deleted by me but it has been recommended so many times I decided to take another look and I am glad I did!

Granted, you are only allowed to add 5 accounts on the free version of Hootsuite before you get charged a monthly fee. A fee so small that it is worth it anyway. But on the list is Facebook Pages, and it worked!!!! This was the only one that I could find that had the Facebook Pages work! This was a big plus for me! Then I noticed that on the list of 8 was! Imagine that! I signed up for Hootsuite and did a test post and sure enough when I did a post it got sent to along with the 19 other ones I had set up on with the exception of the two photo submissions and one link submission social sites.

I tested Hootsuite with sending a photo but it did not post to flickr or photobucket via hootsuite. Perhaps a URL to a photo instead of a photo upload would work or perhaps photo submissions would have to be done through directly. This was not a big deal for me. As for the link submission I plan to test it out through Hootsuite by sending a link to this post to see if the one site with link submissions only will work.

My Recommendations

If you have an iPhone definitely go with for easy access with simplicity, but unfortunately if you have a droid or want to do it from a website you are out of luck. <HINT> Bug them on the contact us page to develop an android app. I did.

Sign up with and to set up your updating all of your social media sites at once. To me it is the best way to go!


Testing sending the link through Hootsuite worked fine! In fact the test where I sent a photo showed up as a link on the link social media site delicious worked as well.



Embedded links in Youtube

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Tuesday 14 June 2011 3:27 am

Okay, you marketing fans. Did you know that you can embed links in your YouTube Videos? Follow the link to find out how!

Congratulations to!

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Tuesday 31 May 2011 6:47 pm

Congratulations to for exceeding the bandwidth on my highest hosting package. The first and only website to do this. An upgraded hosting plan was created just for this site.

Check out this video of Google and Bing discussing SEO!

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Friday 18 February 2011 3:15 pm

Go to!/video/video.php?v=10150094800659724&oid=102043889851435&comments to check it out!

New Google Search Results

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Thursday 25 November 2010 7:01 am

It disappeared as fast as it appeared. I did a Google search result that displayed a site at #1, but at the #2 position was a scrolling window showing up to date results of social media such as twitter. Some showing results that appeared only seconds ago. Then the rankings after that were just site listings again.

It appears that Google is doing some testing on a new SERPS (search engine result pages) and I like the idea of up to the second news and social media results to be included in the search results. I hope to see it again.

Signing off,
Michael Rock

Google’s Matt Cutts gives advice on Link Building

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Wednesday 10 March 2010 1:51 pm

Matt Cutt gives advice on Link Building

Hi, just received notification from Site Pro News on this video. This video is very helpful for those who try to generate traffic and links to their web site.

Click to view movie in another window.

How to get your site indexed faster

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Saturday 13 February 2010 7:34 pm

Hello Everyone,

If you find yourself adding pages to a website that hasn’t been updated for a long time you will find out that Google will not index it right away. Why? Google starts to index the page right away, then it will return in a few days to see if any changes have been made. If none has been made it may return in a week, and if still no changes were made it may return in a month to see if changes were made and so on.

So, you may have added some articles to your website that you want Google to index on your site first before publishing them so that if someone were to do a search and your article pops up you would like it to be your website at the top of the list instead of the article directory that it was found on. So for sound SEO practice it is generally a good idea to have your article indexed on your web site before submitting it to article directories.

Okay, so you figure that you will just create a sitemap and resubmit it to webmaster central through your Google control panel, right? Google may still take a little time before indexing your site and if you would like to get it indexed sooner you can do so by applying links from an outside website source that gets indexed frequently that point to the new pages on your website.

For example I would like to get a web site of Attorneys in Upper Michigan new pages indexed by Google and this site has not been updated in a LONG time so the Google ‘spider’ does not visit it very frequent.

This blog which is indexed and visited by Google’s ‘spider’ more often can be used to link to Upper Michigan Law’s website. Once google’s spider visits my blog they will follow the links on this page to the new pages on their website and start indexing them for a quicker index.

Here are the links I want Google’s spider to follow.
10 Things You Need to Know About No Fault Insurance
10 Things You Need to Know About Social Security Disability
10 Things You Need to Know Workers’ Compensation Cases

These are the articles I want Google to visit and index before I start publishing them on the internet so once I read the webs stats and see they were successfully indexed by Google I can start promoting them. You can also type in site: to see what pages were indexed by Google as well.

So there you have it, if you have any questions on website promotion or any other details just let me know.
Michael Rock
Internet Presence, LLC

Google’s Caffeine Update Will Include Page Load Speed

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Saturday 6 February 2010 12:03 am

An interview with Matt Cutts shows that web sites that load up fast will probably be a factor in web site rankings. You can view the interview at Search Engine Land.


Googles on Caffeine

Posted by Michael Rock | SEO Consultation | Monday 11 January 2010 2:06 pm

There is a new update to Google’s algorithm that will display the latest most up to date news on the search engine results pages (SERPS). For the sake of giving people what they want in searches Google will be placing social media at the top of the lists which means blogs, tweets, news, etc.

For example if their is a natural disaster recently and you Google for info on it you will more than likely get blogs, latest news, peoples opinions, etc on it. Even though the top ratings may be short lived it is important for your site.

So what can you do?

Keep your blog up to date and keep current events that relate to your website in mind, use Google trends to give you ideas on what people are currently searching for. I also recommend using Google trends to help with your keyword research as well. Add a ‘add to social network’ button to your site to help promote your site in the eyes of social media, display an RSS feed on your website that automatically updates itself with the latest news specific to your field, etc.

Google is already using this from evidence of an earthquake that struck in California just before new years. People did a search for the earthquake on Google and Google promptly returned the latest news, tweets, and blog comments on the event.


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