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What is an SEO Specialist?

SEO Specialist from The Internet Presence, LLCAn SEO Specialist (search engine optimization specialist) creates or examines your current website to make changes that will help your website rank in the search engines and generate more traffic to your website. This is not to be confused with SEM (search engine marketing) which also employs using techniques that are off-site such as pay per click ads and social media ads.

Sometimes our specialists have to think outside of the box and not just rely on the numbers that he comes up with. An example of this is why is this website getting so much traffic for this keyword phrase when it doesn’t even rank well for it? Further investigation has to be done to find out why things like this happen. Sometimes it’s a new algorithm change in Google or it is caused by another factor that helps websites rank. It is possible to rank for a particular keyword phrase without it even being mentioned on the website. Did you know that?

Content is still king today as it was in the past. So if you want to rank for a particular topic a list of related focus words have to be used in the article. The days of ‘keyword stuffing’ are long gone and no longer effective.

After examining the website it goes through a series of tests to make sure that it won’t accidentally trigger something to get you badly ranked or even banned from search engines. There were plenty of times we worked on a website that had ‘hidden content’ or ‘spammy links’ found that we had to eliminate with the Google Disavow Tool to regain the search engine’s confidence.

After the site is ready an SEO specialist has to concentrate on link building. This includes internal links on the website, external links to helpful resources, plus incoming links to help boost the domain authority (DA) of the website.

The bare minimum for this position in The Internet Presence is three years experience in the field along with the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Content Marketing (blogging).

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