Email MarketingEmail Marketing is the process of sending emails to current or potential customers to gain leads, sell products and/or services, get surveys to help with your business, etc.

It is highly advisable NOT to send out an email marketing campaign to people who did not sign up for receiving emails. This is obviously viewed as spam and NOT very effective. The thing to do is to entice people to sign up for a weekly or monthly newsletter. You can put this call-to-action at the bottom of a very helpful article. Some people offer discounts or give away free things if you sign up for their newsletters. I have found out that many times, but not always, people will just sign up with a junk email address to get the discount or the free item then never look at another email from you again. I create ‘junk’ email addresses for my clients to help cut down on the amount of spam that they receive.

The most effective way of email marketing I have found is to offer helpful advice in articles and have people sign up to receive notice of other helpful article, video tutorials, etc. Using the CMS (content management system) WordPress already has something like this in place where they can get notified if any new content appears on your website. Although, the best practice is to create a call-to-action button in various locations using tracking code then do A/B testing to see which call-to-action is the most effective.

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