Online Networking
Online Networking

Online Networking is the processing of networking with people online to increase your brand awareness, generate leads, and promote your products and services through the use of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. Online networking is not limited to just popular social media sites though. You can take part in question and answer websites, forums, and contribute publications to resource sites as well.

Below is some research I did early in 2019 about the popularity of specific places to do online marketing. DA is short for Domain Authority which is ranked from 1 to 100 for importance. Linking domains is the number of websites that link to each source that is named. Inbound links are the number of links that point to each source. It is good to note that you can have several links from a single domain name and when doing research you should avoid a website that has thousands of links but only from a few domains. This screams faulty tactics! Lastly the ‘Ranking Keywords’ is the estimation of how many keywords each resource ranks for.

Once you build up some professional relationships it is only natural that recommendations will follow. This may be a slow technique to draw up more business but it is a very solid one!

If you are interested in finding out which online networking sites and groups would work best for feel free to contact us with what type of business you have and we can get you the details for you.

Name DA Linking
Quora 92 242,900 12,600,000 9,800,000
Warrior Forum 75 28,200 2,200,000 20,800
Start Up Nation 61 1,000 17,500 536
Small Business 41 1,000 23,200 454
Small Business Brief 53 4,200 66,600 246
Small Business 46 2,400 24,700 211
Business Advice Forum 44 1,500 21,700 165
BizWarriors 28 244 19,500 42
Small Business Computing 57 241 1,300 20
CNet Forums 93 24 69 15
Home Business Online 40 39 941 14
Choose What 45 18 52 9
Creative Cow 69 8 48 1
LinkedIn Groups 98 473 7,800 0