Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing is very close to Online Networking with the exception that while you are trying to build relationships in online networking you are also advertising when you use social media marketing.

With social media marketing not only are you developing relationships with your customers and developing partnerships but you also develop ads for sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. One of my favorite advertising platforms is using Facebook because you can REALLY narrow down where you want your ad in front of. You can have your ad displayed in front of people of only a certain age range, income, location, and most important interests. Let’s face it. Facebook knows EVERYTHING about you. What you like, dislike, and share so this advertising platform has a great potential of giving you the best conversion rate (bang for your buck) that you can find.

Also, you can set up tracking URLs, pixels, etc. and combine it with Google Analytics reports seeing which ads are performing the best for you. This way you can keep tweaking your advertising campaigns to perform the best that it can.

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