How many other links are on the same page?

You may have read on another page in this course how you can spot bad backlinks by seeing how many links they have on a web page.

You should examine your website to be sure that you do not do the same thing whether intentionally or not.

The value of a link depends upon a lot of factors. For example, a link in the header or footer section of a website holds lower value than a link in the middle of the content of your website.

If you see that your page has a lot of links on it consider taking out some links, creating extra pages to divide up the links, or asking yourself if they are really necessary.

Here is an example of how to create extra pages to divide up your links.

  • Category Page (vets)
  • Category > State Page (vets in Michigan)
  • Category > State > City Page (vets in Spalding, MI)