Leads and Conversions

You can take a look at your website to see how well it will do for leads and conversions. If you do not have analytics software hooked up to your website you should get one set up as soon as possible.

Your web host will probably have analytics already hooked up to your website to view but these are severely limited. Webalizer and AWStats are the ones usually hooked up with web hosting. AWStats is more accurate than Webalizer but if you want the most accurate analytics to use that you can customize for your goals then hook up your website with Google Analytics.

A brief history of Google Analytics is that Google Purchased an analytics company that used to charge hundreds of dollars per month to use. Google purchased the company and decided to offer it to the public for free. In 2 days Google received so many sign-ups that their servers crashed (Yes, Google’s servers really crashed). They pulled back on the sign-ups and put people on a waiting list, upgraded and added to their servers, then offered it to the public once again. Each year they keep adding and improving Google Analytics so I highly recommend using this software.

Here are some of the basic things you can look at in your analytics to help improve your leads and conversions.

  • Organic Traffic – People who come to your website through finding using a search engine.
  • Organic Rankings – Keyword phrases your website ranks for without using paid advertising.
  • Bounce Rate – The percentage of people that leave your website from the same page that they first entered it on.
  • Pages per Session – The number of pages a website visitor visits on a single visit to your website.
  • Average Session Duration – How long a person visits your website.
  • Top Exit Pages – The pages of your website that they leave your website from.

By examining these statistics you can improve your leads and conversions of your website.

Of course, you can also set up goals and get more information that way as well. Along with A/B testing of pages on your website, mailing subscriptions, and much more.

The paid version of this course will tell you the details of these other options.