Which links are the most beneficial? (Referrals)

Which Competitor Backlinks Help Them?

Again, SEO Software can help you with this one by letting you know how much traffic comes from each backlink, the domain authority of the backlink, the page authority of the backlink, and even how many sales they get from the backlink.

Just a warning though, since the SEO Software does not have direct access to the analytics of the competitor’s website it can only make the best guess from a compilation of information from its resources.

Domain and Page Authority

Each SEO Software has its own ranking of the ‘Importance’ of a web page with its own score. These estimates on SEO Software are usually very accurate because of the resources they get their data from and are safe to use for your own research.

Sales from Backlinks and Google Ad Backlinks

When SEO Tools give you the information on how many sales and responses from Google Ads a competitor’s website gets from backlinks you can expect it to be a ‘Best Guess’ scenario but it can give you an overall idea of what to look for when getting backlinks for your own website. Spyfu is a good source for this.

Types of Competitor Backlinks

What type of backlinks link to your competitor? Are they forums, directories, news sources, etc.? If you see a trend in the SERPs that a subject area that you want to rank in that the top ranking websites have a bulk of their quality backlinks from forums you will want to get the same type of backlinks.

Here is why:

  • Google may deem these types of backlinks as the most important types of backlinks for this search term.
  • If the subject matter of the search term is controversial then forum backlinks will have a greater weight in ranking your website than directory backlinks. Think about what kind of categories these types of websites fall under. (eCommerce, informational, controversial, how-to, etc.)

Note: The paid version of this course will go into detail about each type of website and which backlinks are best for those websites.