Funnel Keyword Phrases and Placement of Them

Knowing if your keyword phrase is popular or not, when it is popular during the year (Seasonal Trends), how competitive the keyword phrase is, and how many times it is searched for per month is a lot of good information!

But your placement of them is what really gets you to make money in your sales funnel and that is what this short article is about.

In today’s world where the local shopping malls are disappearing, gas prices are raising, and more brick and mortar stores are closing up you will see online shopping and purchasing products without holding them in your hands go up. Amazon is a prime example of this.

“Amazon, which has done nothing but grow since its founding in 1994, will shutter all of its brick-and-mortar bookstores. The e-commerce giant is scripting the final chapter for all 68 of its storefront bookstores, pop-ups and shops carrying toys and home goods in the U.S. and United Kingdom, Reuters reported.”


Placement of the correct keyword phrases at the correct steps in your sales funnel will increase your sales.

Here are some steps to the buying process for a sales funnel:

  • Realization
    • People realize that they want or need a product. Their phone is outdated and can no longer handle the latest game they just added to it.
    • Keyword phrases for this step would be something like, “Is your phone getting too old to handle functions?” or “What type of phone should I buy that will stay up-to-date the longest?
  • Research
    • People will start researching new phones and what they would like to get.
    • Keyword phrases for this step would be an article stating the specs needed to run the latest games on your phone.
  • Comparison
    • Now people have decided that after doing a little research they need to get a new phone so now they will comparison shop. Did you know that people will visit a website 6 or 7 times for research before making a purchase?
    • Keyword phrases for this stage of the funnel could be a table showing multiple phones next to each other showing their stats or a website where you can pick a phone to compare it to your old one. This is a very useful way of selling phones on a website.
  • Purchase
    • Now that the research and comparison are done on the phones this is the stage where they actually buy the phone.
    • Keyword phrases at this stage would be “buy an LG phone” or something similar.

If you think about it. If you only optimized for buying phones you can be missing out on a lot of sales. If you had articles describing what kind of phones work best for gaming, and a comparison of phones on your website as well then the chances of buying a phone from your website will increase exponentially.

More details of picking the right keyword phrases for your sales funnel are located in the paid version of this course.