Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

An example of a broad keyword phrase would be “widgets”. With a broad keyword phrase like this, your conversion rates will be lower than if you used a long-tail keyword phrase like “blue widgets in Upper Michigan”.

As you can see people looking for widgets that are blue and from Upper Michigan will result in selling more widgets which means a higher conversion rate.

The beauty of long-tail keyword phrases is that they are easier to rank than broad keyword phrases. The only downside is that the longer the long-tail keyword phrase the fewer times it is searched for per month. But the higher the conversion rate or sales you will make with such phrases.

Keyword Research and Long-Tail Phrases

When doing keyword research you will come across a lot of long-tail phrases that have to do with the keyword research topic that you are working on. You can look at the list of long-tail keyword phrases at a glance to help determine which direction people are interested in. Or you can use Google Trends to help you even further.

Content Marketing and Long-Tail Phrases

Looking at the list of long-tail keyword phrases that you compiled from your keyword research will also give you a lot of ideas on what to write about on your web pages or blog. If someone typed in a question or interest of theirs and your blog post pops up and they read it many things can happen.

  1. Your EAT (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) of your website will go up and the likelihood of your rankings will go up as well.
  2. If you have an advertisement on your blog post then you will collect money from it either by impressions or clicks on the ad.
  3. You could have a box asking for them to sign up for your newsletter if they want to get notified about more articles like the one that they read which will give you leads for your website.
  4. If they liked your article about blue widgets they may be prompted to purchase a blue widget from you.

Internal Linking and Long-Tail Phrases

When creating links inside your own website one rule to follow is that the longer the keyword phrase the further down the line from the main link it should be. For example, “Widgets” can be the main parent page and “Blue Widgets” would be a chile page or subcategory of the main parent page “Widgets.” The phrase “Blue Widgets in Upper Michigan” would be the child or sub-category page of “Blue Widgets”.

More examples, better instructions, and worksheets are available in the paid version of this course.