Narrow Down, Organize, and Group your Keyword Phrases

Once you have the main topic you can use the links above to get a large list of keyword phrases to add to a list. If you are fortunate enough to have access to some SEO Software you can get a better list through their SEO Tools.

Delete Duplicates

Now is the time to go through and delete the duplicates in your list. You can do this in Google Sheets by selecting a column to the right of it and type in this formula. Where F3 to F10001 are the cells that contain your keyword phrases.


The new column where you typed this formula into you can copy and paste as values only in a new column.

Delete Keyword Phrases with Low Searches

Copy and paste your list into a nice SEO Tool that spits out how many times each keyword phrase is searched for each month and delete the ones that are searched for less than 100 times per month or more.

Here are a few SEO Tools that you can use.

Note: All of these tools do not give the same results! I have written several reviews on some SEO Tools that you can read here. It is good practice to use just one tool consistently so that you have more accurate numbers. I run my keyword phrases through 3 or more tools and see if they all are close to the same results then I know I can trust their numbers.

Delete Keyword Phrases with High Competition

After you delete the keyword phrases that are not searched for that often you can go ahead and delete the ones with high competition that you know you won’t beat out unless you have a $50,000/year advertising budget.

What you are left with now are a bunch of keyword phrases that are searched for often with the least amount of competition. Now it is time to narrow it down even further.

Delete Irrelevent Keyword Phrases

I put this step close to the end because you have to go through the keyword phrases one at a time. Can you imagine going through a list of a few thousand only to discover you could have deleted hundreds by doing the other steps first?

When going through your list of keyword phrases ask yourself these questions.

  • Will this keyword phrase make me money if they use it?
  • Will this keyword phrase give my cause donations?
  • Will this keyword phrase get me more customers?

Delete Keyword Phrases that have the Wrong Intent

For more detail on determine what intent a keyword phrase has you can view the page, “What is the Searcher’s Intent?“.

After all why rank for a keyword phrase that the searchers intent is to find out the year of a movie? That won’t help you sell the movie as well as someone searching for how to buy the same movie will it?

“The paid version of this course will also include more notes and details along with a spreadsheet to help you organize, delete duplicates automatically, find the questions in your keyword list, and more.”

Michael Rock