What is Trending?

Google Trends is a tool from Google that brings together data from Google Searches and allows the visitor of Google Trends to see how popular a keyword phrase is or compare it to other keyword phrases. You can view results in real-time for the last seven days or view how they trended for many years.

If you want to rank for a keyword phrase it would be good to know if it held an interest for many years by using this tool.

This data can be sorted by category, type, location, or time period.

Google Trends

From the image above you can see that the interest in “digital marketing” has been slowly increasing over time.

Google Trends Breakout and Increases

As you can see from the image above the search term “digital marketing trends 2022” from the related keyword phrase ‘digital marketing’ shows an increase of interest of 3,400%. If it says “Breakout” like above then it means the interest surpassed 5,000%!

Related Queries

The ‘Related Queries’ is also a great source of getting keyword phrases for your keyword research. The phrases shown here can also give you ideas on popular things to write about on your blog that will help you rank for long-tail keyword phrases.

Popular for a short time?

By using Google Trends you can get an idea of the interest in keyword phrases over time. It would be a bad idea to optimize and try to rank for a keyword phrase that has been steadily losing interest over time. It is best to optimize and try to rank for keyword phrases that are increasing in popularity.

Best time of the Year (Seasonal Trends)

Another useful way you can use Google Trends as a tool for keyword research is to see if a keyword phrase is popular during certain times of the year. Take a look at the phrase “Christmas trees” below. Obviously, the most times it is searched for is during Christmas time. This info will also help you with bidding on keyword phrases in your pay-per-click campaigns.

Where is it most popular?

If you click on a phrase for more information you can get a map like this that shows you where the keyword phrase is the most popular as well. This can especially be helpful when you do local SEO for your clients by researching products that are the most popular at their location.

Exploring Niches

You can narrow down your research by examining stats from Google Shopping like above or if you are interested in writing content you can sort it by News Search instead like circled in the aforementioned image above.

For more detailed information on Google Trends and how you can use it for your marketing purchase the paid version of this course.