Digital Marketing Terms (Terminology) F

Faceted Navigation

Faceted Navigation is a type of navigation where you can filter products for quicker access to pages. An example of this is a shopping site where you can filter by color, size, and type.

Featured Snippet

Google sometimes displays an answer to a searcher’s question by displaying a snippet from a website that answers that question which results in a zero-click search result. A zero-click search result is when someone gets the answer to their question from your website without having to click through to your website to view it.

Fetch as Google

This is a tool in Google Search Console where you can see how your website looks in Google’s eyes.

File Compression

You can reduce the size of a web page by using file compression so that your website loads up faster. There are many ways that you can do this but it makes the code harder to read when you want to work on it.


How easy it is to find the content of your website by using the search engine or other means.

First Link Priority

The internal linking concept is that Google treats links differently if two or more links on a web page point to the same page. The first link it indexes first on the page is thought to be more important but no real proof came about to show that this is true.

Footer Link

Links that appear on the footer page of a website. Footer and header links that appear on every page of the website have a lower value than links that appear within the content of the website.


The freshness of content on the website (how often it is updated) determines when the bots of search engines return to crawl and index your website. If the bot sees there has been no change to the content of a page of the website it will save resource time and extend the time it will return to crawl and index your website. Keeping your content fresh and changing will help decrease the time before the search engine bots return to look at your website. It is also a ranking factor for your website.


The funnel is a series of steps that a website visitor takes to obtain the website’s goal. Funnels can be measured using analytics software like Google Analytics to measure how effective your website is.