B2B MarketingIf you are business sells products or services to other businesses instead of the consumer then business-to-business (B2B Marketing) is the way to go. Like business-to-consumer (B2C Marketing) you have to concentrate on your target audience.

Your online marketing campaign will differ depending upon if you are selling to another business or a consumer so it is important to know that when you start digital advertising online.

Facebook is more targeting consumers and LinkedIn is more targeted to businesses even though each one could be used for both. Is there a popular online/offline magazine that businesses automatically receive because they are members of an organization like a local chamber of commerce? Then marketing in those publications would be a start.

The Internet Presence, LLC has a list of hundreds of online resources that can be used to help your B2B Marketing effort. If you would like us to help you find out which work best for you feel free to contact us.

Have you considered finding other businesses that are related to you but not directly in competition with you? You could find out who they are and contact them to see if you can form a potential partnership there. By referring customers to each other this could be a potential win-win situation for both of you. Something important to keep in mind when doing this is protecting your brand name and image. Make sure that the potential partner that you are looking into is a business that won’t bring down your image.

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