Digital Marketing Terms (Terminology) B


Business-to-Business is referred to as B2B which is the relationship between businesses working with other businesses. A business whose business works primarily with other businesses relies on B2B marketing. See also B2C.


Business-to-Consumer is referred to as B2C which is the relationship between a business to a consumer. A website that relies on selling products to consumers relies on B2C marketing. See also B2B.


A backlink is a link from one website that links (points) to your website. In the past, this was abused by having a ton of spammy backlinks pointing to your site for easy rankings but this is no longer true. Quality over quantity is the way to go for helping out your website.


The most popular search engine that China uses is called Baidu and often appears in SEO tools for tracking.


Microsoft’s search engine is called Bing. In the past when it was called Microsoft Live Search it was not a very good search engine but over the years it has gotten so good that it rivals Google now and has been rebranded as Bing.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing offers a set of tools to help you test and improve your website. Recently they added Clarity which displays hot spots of your website where people click and recordings of what a website visitor does on your website.


This is a robot from Bing that crawls the internet looking for new websites and new web pages to crawl and index into its database.

Black Hat

Black Hat and White Hat refer to the old westerns on how things are done. Black Hat techniques are known to be using ways to trick the system and get a higher ranking by using dishonest motives. See also White Hat.


Blogging is a way of distributing content through a website that was popularized by WordPress. Useful, authoritative content published through a blog is an excellent way of achieving keyword rankings. Blog used to be called Web Logs but it was shortened to Blog.

Bounce Rate

In Analytics (see also Analytics) bounce rate is the measurement of a website visitor that visits a website on a particular page and then leaves the website from the same page without exploring the rest of the website. Typically having a high bounce rate is bad for your website unless the answer to the website visitor has been answered on the page they visited and they required no further assistance. Google has started something called Zero Click Searches (see also Zero Click Searches) when someone asks a question in the search engine Google will pull the answer from your website and display it in the SERPs (see also SERPs) without them having to click through to your website.


Bots are robots that the search engines use to go out and discover new websites or new content to the website via sitemaps, links, etc. to find, crawl, and index your website to include it in their search engine to display to other people. Bots can be blocked or allowed using a robots.txt file.

Brand Keyword

A branded keyword phrase is a keyword phrase that includes the company/business name as part of the keyword phrase.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation sometimes appears at the top of the web page to show the website visitor what pages they visited to get to the page they are on. These breadcrumbs are also linked to that the website visitor can quickly go back to a past page that they were on. If done properly it would be in a silo architecture with the main topic at the top of the silo with sub-topics below them. This will improve internal linking and help with search engine results.

Broken Link

A link on a website that when clicked on visits a page that no longer exists is called a broken link. It can be an internal link or a link to another website. When someone clicks on a broken link they will end up at a 404 page which is a server error. (See also 404 Page)


A web browser which is also called an internet browser is software for accessing the World Wide Web to visit websites. Web browsers are commonly mistakenly called search engines but they are not. They just include them.

Web browsers can be found on mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets, and laptops.