Digital Marketing Terms (Terminology) E


EAT stands for the expertise, authority, and trustworthiness of a website. A website with good EAT stands to be a website using good quality content that in turn leads to helping you rank indirectly.


A website that sells products online through the use of a shopping cart or other means is considered to be an eCommerce website.

Editorial Link

A link that points to a website that is earned instead of paid for or asking for it gives a website more authority and is considered to be a more valuable link.

.edu Links

Links that come from educational websites are hard to get and used to be considered a highly sought-after link to get for marketing purposes but Matt Cutts from Google said that the extension .edu has nothing to do with the value of the link because websites that use the .edu domain extension are naturally more valuable.

Engagement Metrics

The data collected from the analytics of a website show the website visitors’ engagement with the website with such things as CTR (click-through-rate), bounce rates, conversion rates, time-on-page of the website, and how many pages visited on the website, new vs. returning visitors, etc.

External Link

A link on your website that points to a website outside of your website instead of to another page of your website.