Digital Marketing Terms (Terminology) W

Web Page

A web page is a page of a website or document online that is viewable via a browser.

Webmaster Guidelines

Google along with other search engines published a set of webmaster guidelines that you can use to help your website get discovered and indexed better.


A website is a collection of web pages, or one page, online that provides information or entertainment to people visiting via a web browser.

Website Ads

When you see an ad on a website it could come from Google AdWords, Google AdSense, or an ad that is purchased for that website only.

Website Server

The server is the hardware that a website resides on.

Website Traffic

Website traffic is tracked through analytics of your website and is the number of people and bots that visit your website. You can measure the traffic of your website by comparing it to the same month the year before to see if you are doing well.

White Hat

White Hat is a term to describe online digital marketing done the correct way without worrying about setting off spam filters or getting penalized by search engines. White Hat marketing does not use dirty tactics and/or deceitful measures to get rankings but natural ones. Black Hat marketing utilizes dirty tactics and/or deceitful measures to get rankings.

Word Count

The word count of a page tells you how many words are on that particular page. There is usually a range of words you should use on a page when writing content for SEO optimization that is recommended that changes from year to year. Usually, pages with a low word count are not viewed as quality pages in the search engine’s eyes.


WordPress is a very popular CMS (content management system) that is used online to build websites.

World Wide Web (WWW)

WWW stands for World Wide Web which is the world’s largest software platform where the internet resides.